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gutter installation

Leaf Relief® Gutter Guard

Keep your gutters clear year-round! No clogged gutters from leaves, ice or snow. Leaf Relief® will not disturb roof shingles during its easy installation process.

Leaf Relief Gutter Guard
New Gutter Installation

New Installation

Gutter Nutz provides professional, new gutter installation or repair of old gutters.

Gutter before cleaning

Dirty gutters can overflow or leak, causing water to flood your home, yard or foundation.

dirty gutters
gutter cleaning

Gutter after cleaning

Avoid costly home repairs by having your gutters cleaned or repaired a few times per year.

About Us

Prior to founding Gutter Nutz LLC in February 2015, Matt and Janice Greenawalt were distressed property rehabbers. Liking the look and durability of seamless gutters, the pair looked for local companies to install gutters on their latest projects. Unable to find another company to meet their needs, Gutter Nutz was born. Matt, Janice, and son, Rob ordered a "K" style combination seamless gutter machine from KMW Gutterman in Illinois and drove to the factory to pick up the machine and receive professional training. Now, Gutter Nutz is looking to expand into Williamsport and the surrounding communities – helping more than just friends and family meet their gutter needs.

COMPANY GOAL: Gutter Nutz strives to provide great customer service with a great product and a great warranty.

Services Offered

Gutter Nutz provides gutter and downspout cleaning, repair old/installation of new 5" and 6" seamless gutters, fascia repair/replacement and gutter repair.

URGENT REPAIR: While Gutter Nutz does not offer emergency, middle-of-the night gutter repair, they do offer "urgent" daytime repair.

WARRANTY INFO: Gutter Nutz offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which includes a 20-year Warranty for the gutter coil used to make seamless gutters, a 25-year "No Clog, No Overflow" Warranty on Leaf Relief Gutter Guard systems and a Lifetime Warranty on leaks, rust and workmanship. Note that overflowing gutters caused by a blockage of water flow from debris in the gutter or downspout is due to lack of proper maintenance and is not covered by our warranty unless a Leaf Relief Gutter Guard system has been installed.


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